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John C. McGinley To Play Tyler Perry's Boss In I, Alex Cross

When an actor commits him or herself to a television show, it can have a seriously negative effect on their film career. Take John C. McGinley for example. Though he started his career as an awesome character actor and Oliver Stone regular, starring on Scrubs left him with very little time for movies, and, as a result, he hasn't appeared in one since 2008. But with the Scrubs ending after nine seasons McGinley is free to get back on the big screen and it starts with I, Alex Cross.

Variety reports that the actor has signed on to play Tyler Perry's boss in the James Patterson reboot. The character, Chief of Police Richard Brookwell, is described as being "a vigorous, ambitious man," which McGinley should have no trouble pulling off. Set to be directed by Rob Cohen, the movie brings Cross back to his younger years as he hunts down a serial rapist that may have been the one who killed his pregnant wife. The film also stars Rachel Nichols, Jean Reno, and Matthew Fox. Production is scheduled to begin this month in Cleveland, which will serve as a stand-in for Cross' native Washington DC.

As much as I enjoyed Scrubs it will be great to see John C. McGinley back on the big screen. The last three films on his resume are Are We Done Yet? (the "comedy" with Ice Cube); American Crude (a movie I didn't even know existed until this moment); and Wild Hogs (what can said about this trainwreck that hasn't already been said?). If anything, I, Alex Cross will give him an opportunity to make his recent track record a little nicer to look at.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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