John Goodman, Bill Murray And Bob Balaban Explain What Drove Them To Become Monuments Men

As I explained in my review of the film, The Monuments Men is a film worth seeing for its brilliant ensemble alone. Director George Clooney has assembled a cast with some of the greatest actors working in cinema today, and not only is it an incredible pleasure to see all of them take on interesting characters, it’s simply amazing to watch them all work together. Likewise, it was an immense pleasure to sit down with a few of the stars and interview them about their latest project.

I recently attended a press event for The Monuments Men held in Beverly Hills, California, and in addition to getting to talk with Matt Damon about his many years of collaboration with Clooney, I also had the mind-blowingly cool opportunity to speak with John Goodman, Bill Murray and Bob Balaban, as you can see in the video above.

In the film, the trio star as Walter Garfield, Richard Campbell and Preston Savitz, respectively, three members of the seven-man outfit known as The Monuments Men. Together the unit is tasked by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to head into enemy territory towards the end of World War II and save some of the most precious works of art in history from the retreating Nazi forces that wish to destroy them.

In the interview I talk with Goodman, Murray and Balaban about both what initially drew them to the project and the importance of including some of the lighter moments and elements in a story that is largely a drama. As a bonus, enjoy some of Goodman and Murray’s previous works with Clooney below:

The Monuments Men arrives in theaters February 7th.

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