Jon Hamm Doesn't Think Kristen Wiig Would Be Up For A Bridesmaids Sequel

Would a Bridesmaids sequel feel like a genuine sequel without the prospect of Jon Hamm offering bluntly honest post-coital commentary to Kristen Wiig’s character? Probably not. From what Hamm has to say on the matter, they’d need to lock Wiig in to get him on board and from the sound of it, that may not be all that likely.

The Mad Men star spoke with E! Online about the possibility of a sequel to Bridesmaids. Apparently, Paul Feig voiced the idea of a followup even before the first film hit theaters. Hamm doesn’t think Wiig would be up for it though. He told E!, “I don’t think Kristen is going to do it.” He went on to say that they’d need to get Wiig on board before he’d agree to do it, which isn’t exactly a commitment to the project either.

There’s probably an argument to be made about a sequel to the film working even if Wiig decided not to do it. A loosely related spinoff-film that follows Brit-siblings Brynn and Gil (Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas) could certainly work and wouldn’t require much of the core cast to pull off. There's also Melissa McCarthy's character Megan and Air Marshal Jon's romance to consider as a possible sequel story option. Then again, a wedding scenario that follows Annie and Officer Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd) down the aisle could certainly work well, especially if Hamm came back to play the douchy Ted.

Kelly West
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