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With Comic Con looming, rumors are bound to start zipping around the tubes at warp speed about all the nerdiest stuff that nerds can think of. I use the term “nerd” in a fully non-derogatory fashion as I plan to spend most of my evening alone in front of a glowing LCD screen playing World of Warcraft and writing about movies. Nerd is me.

The latest bit flung at us from the rumor mill is that Jonathan Nolan will be stepping into the director’s chair for big brother Christopher’s Superman reboot. Rumored since the project fell into Nolan's hands, this will be Jonah’s first time stepping away from the pen to get behind the camera. The brothers have worked together a few times before as a writer/director team, so this seems like it would be a logical step for the pair as they both further their film careers, hopefully for our benefit.

Geek Tyrant has a source inside Warner Bros. who is claiming that Jonah is attached to the film and already working on pre-development stuff, but as much as they trust their source, they aren’t dropping this as truth just yet.

Also smuggled out of the WB vault is news that some casting has begun for the film and Zach Levi (of Chuck fame) has stepped in for an audition. It’s not confirmed that he tried out for the role of Clark Kent, but a young star like him looking for a breakout role would surely be going after the lead. I’m still holding out to see Brandon Routh get another shot since I thought his Clark Kent was about as Christopher Reeves-y as you could get, but my hopes will surely be dashed soon enough.

Comic Con starts on July 22nd so we probably won’t have to wait that long to get confirmation on either of these rumors. WB has enough to show off at the conference to keep the nerd masses sated but hopefully hungry journalists will squeeze a bit more info out of them during their panels. Stay tuned for full coverage from SDCC beginning next Wednesday.

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