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Life is good for a director who helms an international hit, and that life is being lived by Brad Peyton right now. When Journey 2: The Mysterious Island was released back in February it not only managed to pull in $103 million domestically, but $222 million internationally (and all on a miniscule $79 million budget). Since then the filmmaker has been hired to helm the third movie in the series - which will be taking a trip to the moon a la Jules Verne- and has even been hired by Warner Bros. to write and direct a live-action movie based on the DC Comics character Lobo. And the jobs just keep on coming.

THR is reporting that Peyton is now in talks to helm San Andreas 3D, a disaster movie set in California that is being developed by New Line. As the title would suggest, the movie is about an earthquake on the west coast and, presumably, a race for survival of some sort. The script was written by Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore, but Allan Loeb (Rock of Ages, The Dilemma, Just Go With It) was brought in to do a re-write. The trade says that the movie will have a budget of approximately $100 million.

If you're making a disaster movie like this I really don't understand the point of hiring Peyton. As I mentioned in my review of the film, Journey 2 was a really ugly movie with shoddy visual effects, sets clearly made out of green screen, and fake-looking monsters. Why would you want someone who made a movie like that to helm a project like San Andreas 3D?

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