Jurassic World Will Have No Problem Killing Off Characters

Part of the fun of Jurassic World is going to be watching lab-created dinosaurs run amok in the titular theme park and chowing down on tourists. We anticipate many faceless, uncredited extras will become dino-meals, but from this new behind-the-scenes featurette, it doesn’t appear they have any issue killing off other characters either.

Just a heads up, there may be some minor SPOILERS to follow.

This video is full of new footage of everything from the dinosaurs (that Triceratops shaking it out like a dog is adorable, and the new genetic hybrid Indominus Rex continues to be terrifying as hell), the island, and some interesting insight from the filmmakers, like director Colin Trevorrow and producer Steven Spielberg. But there’s one bit that especially caught our attention and shows a certain willingness to off characters, even if they’re relatively minor ones.

Videos like the one below introduce us to the security force employed by the Masrani Corporation, which owns and operates the park. One tidbit shows how the members of the team, including Brian Tee’s Hamada, are all tagged and having their vitals continually monitored back at headquarters.


We’ve seen Hamada in danger before—there’s that moment that appeared in the trailers where he looks up and blood drips on him—but from this latest look at Jurassic World, his fate is not going to be a good one. One of those flat lines on the monitor belongs to him (the other belongs to Craig, who's uncredited, poor Craig, I miss him already).

Admittedly, it is possible that this is something of a misdirect. Sure, his vital signs are not particularly promising here, but this is a movie, so it’s entirely possible that he’s injured in some encounter, presumably with the Indominus Rex, or that whatever technology he has monitoring him is damaged in an interspecies scuffle. It’s not hard to imagine a scenario where everyone thinks Hamada is dead, then he shows up at an unexpected moment. Surprise.

While that’s possible, I don’t know how likely it is. If it was one of the major stars, like Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, or Vincent D’Onofrio, it might be more probable. I don’t think Hamada is that big a role or that important to the story, but I could be wrong. They’ll probably try this approach with the two kids, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins, at some point—at least the other characters may think they’re dead, though the audience will likely know they’re still alive—so it would be overkill.

We’ll have to wait and see if any of the topline stars will become dino-dinner, but if the filmmakers are willing to actually kill off characters, not just faceless extras, it adds another layer of peril and tension to the action that is always appreciated. There’s nothing worse than watching a movie and knowing that no one is in any real danger.

Jurassic World hits theaters in just a few weeks on June 12.

Brent McKnight