Jurassic World: Even Baby Indominus Rex Is Terrifying

As proverbial pools of water ripple with tremors from the imminently approaching assault of Jurassic World, the towering terror anticipated from the now-mythical Indominus Rex continues to reach epic proportions. This time, a new TV clip ominously juxtaposes her evil egg emergence with the carnivorous carnage she’ll inevitably unleash on unprepared park dwellers.

Right from the onset of this new Jurassic World clip, we see a little lizard-like tyke emerging from an eggshell with disturbing rapidity and frighteningly focused intent. It’s bad enough that the I. Rex is the ultimate of ultimate apex predators, but it seems that she came into this world with the subtlety of Rosemary’s Baby. Even the velociraptors in the first Jurassic Park had an adorable phase after they emerged cooing from their amniotic encasement. By contrast, Indominus Rex clearly has no time for any of that cutesy crap. Right from the get-go, it’s coming at us with killer claws and a pissed off grimace. Time’s a wasting and there’s people that need eating!

The clip’s marvelous montage uses I. Rex’s infant emergence for some fantastic foreshadowing of the wreckage she will reek upon paid patrons and other personnel of a park that seems to somehow exist despite not one, not two, but THREE notable incidents involving John Hammond’s petri-dish-dinosaurs. However, based on what we’ve been seeing, things have apparently been running relatively smooth in the business of containing life that’s not meant to be contained at the rebranded "Jurassic World." However, an apparent slump in attendance would cause the scientists to utilize new technology and knowledge to create an even more fearsome feature in the I. Rex; proving that, as Dr. Ian Malcom once observed, life found a way.

The byproduct of corporate hubris and a team of scientists with more knowledge than common sense, the I. Rex will apparently be touted as the center of a sensational new exhibit in the park, contained in a massive cage fitted with high-perched seats for patrons to gawk at her a she does miscellaneous scary things. However, this being a film in the Jurassic series, we pretty much know the only way this could conceivably play itself out. Soon enough, as we see in the clip, that cracking egg we saw might as well had been Pandora’s Box, itself.

On the upside, it seems that the good guys will be a little more prepared for this inevitably jail-broken walking set of jaws. As the last TV clip for the film helpfully revealed, Chris Pratt’s master tracker/domesticator of dinosaurs, Owen Grady is on the case. It appears that he won’t even need "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" to quell the beasts in his care, three velociraptors named Charlie, Echo and Blue. By some magnificent miracle, Grady will be working side-by-side with this threesome of throat-slashers to track down the I. Rex and… do something. It’s an unholy alliance that would probably piss off Dr. Alan Grant, but new times apparently call for new measures.

Jurassic World will make you hope that the only interesting thing to come out of your next egg is a double yolk when it hits theaters on June 12!