Chris Pratt Begs You To Get The Kids Someplace Safe In Latest Jurassic World Clip

We’re now just a few short weeks away from Jurassic World’s release. And with Mad Max: Fury Road, Tomorrowland, San Andreas, and Entourage (*shudder*) each due out before the blockbuster, Universal Studios wants to remind audiences of the upcoming dino-adventure with a brand-new clip, which proves that when kids see dinosaurs they scream. A lot.

This is a pretty sweet 30-second spot in my opinion. Not only do we get a good look at Chris Pratt being tough, sexy, witty, and intimidated, we also get to see him impart wisdom to a terrified employee. Luckily for this novice, Pratt’s Owen Gray, who is a Velociraptor trainer in this flick, jumps in at the last second to save his new co-worker from being devoured by the peckish beasts. Despite this brush with death, Pratt still found both the time and lack of empathy to pithily remark, "Do you ever wonder why there’s a job opening?"

But it’s not just this inexperienced raptor gatekeeper, whose lack of screen-time in the trailers so far plus his rather inept performance in this clip makes me fear that he’ll be gobbled up by the raptors in no-time, who finds himself being stalked by the aforementioned predators. Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson’s Gray and Zach also end up in a rather precarious situation as a dinosaur clamps down on their ball-shaped vehicle.

Even though Pratt does proclaim, "Get the kids somewhere safe," it looks as though the children of Jurassic World could really have benefited from having a certain Simpsons character around:

We’ll just have to wait and see if Jurassic World’s writer and director Colin Trevorrow has the cojones to actually kill off one of the above little brats. Thankfully, because it would get really dull really fast, it’s not just the children who are in constant peril in Jurassic World. Both Pratt’s Owen and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing, the park operations manager, find themselves scrambling away from the prehistoric beasts that are wreaking havoc across Isla Nublar. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of John Hammond turning in his grave just yet, but I still have faith.

Despite encountering a few problems ahead of its release (mainly being accused of sexism by Joss Whedon and being roundly chastised by scientists), Jurassic World is still shaping up to be a moody, suspenseful, but still rollicking ride ahead of its release on June 12.

Gregory Wakeman