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The world of movie promotion has changed since Jurassic Park, and that means the lead-up to Jurassic World is not going to be nearly as satisfying as the Steven Spielberg-directed original. For one, we've been spoiled by decades of special effects by now – the dinos in Jurassic Park still stun, but if they were only slightly less impressive, they'd just fall into the CGI morass that is the last twenty years of filmmaking. And another note is the internet, where your hit movie has to keep up appearances to stay in the public eye, even with the most minor gestures. Which is why we have our first good look at Jurassic World, and it sadly doesn't involve dinosaurs at all.

The AV Club debuted these new stills spotlighting the cast of the upcoming Jurassic World, Colin Trevorrow's re-imagining of the Michael Crichton-created dino universe. Our first look is Chris Pratt and... can we just stop for a moment and talk about how hot Chris Pratt looks here? I mean, damn. Who is this jeans-commercial m'f'er, and what has he done with Andy Dwyer? Pratt as a space-hopping rogue? Hot, sure. Pratt as a scruffy biker dude fighting dinosaurs? No wonder Parks And Recreation is going off the air. Pratt's chest and biceps are strictly TV-MA.


This is also your second look at Bryce Dallas Howard, who probably works for Jurassic World. She looks so fancy that she probably has no idea that her job is soon going to result in the deaths of... dozens? Hundreds? Could be a love interest, could be a villain. I'm having a hard time rooting for Bryce after she cheated on Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 50/50 and lampshaded Mary Jane in Spider-Man 3.


And there are the kids, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins. You might remember Nick from The Kings Of Summer, last year's indie comedy hit. And you might remember Simpkins from last year's not-indie hit, Iron Man 3. Clearly they just discovered a hidden library in the jungle, and they're going to enter, read a bunch of books, and learn a lot, while also turning off their IPods and IPads, because reading is fundamental, kids, and give peace a chance because the children are our future. But only on the Reading Rainbow. Look out dinosaurs, here comes education!

Jurassic World hits theaters June 12th, 2015. Could a teaser trailer be in our immediate future?

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