Jurassic World Plot Details Officially Revealed, Will Involve New Dinosaur Species

With our first real look at any footage from Jurassic World still months away, much about the film remains a mystery to us – and it was supposed to be that way for a long time. The filmmakers and the folks at Universal Pictures have done their best to try and keep the details of the movie under wraps, trying to leave the big surprises for the big screen. Unfortunately, the constantly swirling rumor mill makes this incredibly hard to do in modern Hollywood, and the leak of certain plot details have been coming out as a result. The information that has come out has stirred up a bit of controversy amongst fans, but now Colin Trevorrow has done his part to set the record straight.

As a response to last week’s leak, the Jurassic World director has done an exclusive interview with the folks over at SlashFilm to talk about his upcoming blockbuster, and his comments are both revealing and fascinating. Stop reading now if you don’t want to know anything about the next installment of the Jurassic Park franchise!

Bringing us out of the dark on what’s going on with Jurassic World plot-wise, Trevorrow explained pretty much all of the key details that we will presumably learn in the first few scenes of the film. The story is set a full 22 years after Jurassic Park - the same amount of time between the two movies – and will begin with the island of Isla Nublar actually being a "fully functional park" featuring real dinosaurs and a luxury resort. What separates this incarnation of the park from the past failed versions, however, is the fact that it doesn’t really exist to make a huge profit, but rather is more of a biological preserve.

As for the characters. Trevorrow also briefly touched on the role that will be played by Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt. While we don’t know too much about his personality, Pratt will be playing a scientist who is doing behavioral research on Velociraptors and trying to "figure out the limits of the relationship between these highly intelligent creatures and human beings." The director added that the film won’t feature any kind of "good" or "bad" dinosaurs – instead featuring a more realistic relationship with animals. That said, there will be an enhanced science-fiction aspect to Jurassic World that comes from the fact that geneticists in the movie will be working on creating a whole new species of dinosaur. Said the filmmaker,

"We were hoping audiences could discover this on their own, but yes, there will be one new dinosaur created by the park’s geneticists. The gaps in her sequence were filled with DNA from other species, much like the genome in the first film was completed with frog DNA. This creation exists to fulfill a corporate mandate—they want something bigger, louder, with more teeth. And that’s what they get."

The director also spoke to the larger themes that will be in play in the film, and they honestly sound fascinating. While developing the movie, Trevorrow and co-writer Derek Connolly realized that one of the biggest changes to occur in the last two decades is the fact that we aren’t as amazed by technological achievement as we used to be. Said the filmmaker,

"We imagined a teenager texting his girlfriend with his back to a T-Rex behind protective glass. For us, that image captured the way much of the audience feels about the movies themselves. ‘We’ve seen CG dinosaurs. What else you got?’ Next year, you’ll see our answer."

Jurassic World is currently in production and will be in theaters on June 12, 2015.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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