Jurassic World Shows Off Dinosaur Destruction In First Official Photos

Up until this point, Jurassic World has been (understandably) shrouded in secrecy. Slowly but surely, new details have been released to a public that still remembers the last time they tried to make a Jurassic Park movie, but is still optimistic for the next go around. Today, the world has gotten its first glimpse of the set of what’s definitely one of next summer’s most anticipated films, and the results are spare, but intriguing.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have the first three photos from Colin Trevorrow’s big-budget Jurassic World Check these out!

JW Howard

First up is a look at Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, who has been said to be one of the scientists who are part of this new attempt to create a place where man and dinosaur can co-exist until a convenient case of sabotage/the next power outage. She definitely looks like she could be a scientist, but she could also be a member of the InGen brass, trying to make sure that their latest attempt to break the laws of science goes a lot smoother than the last couple. After all, in Jurassic World, practice makes perfect.

JW Construction

Next is a look at one of the park’s construction trucks, which looks like it’s had better days on the job. Could this, perhaps, be a truck belonging to Chris Pratt’s character? Knowing the types of roles he’s been taking as of late, we wouldn't be surprised if he played a wise-cracking, roughneck action hero who’s drafted to save the day in Jurassic World. Think Emmett from The LEGO Movie crossed with Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy.

JW Director’s Chair

Finally, we see a look at the official director’s chair, and some rather familiar looking scenery. In fact, if memory serves correctly, this was the same clearing that Alan Grant ran through with Lex, Tim, and a herd of Gallimimuses. It’s nice to have a familiar view on record, as it can’t help but recall some of the better moments of the franchise’s best entry. Compare this Jurassic World image to the still from the first film, provided directly below.

Gallimimus Herd

It’s not a lot to go by, but considering production began in the earlier portion of this month, it’s pretty generous that we’ve got anything to look at. Of course, we did get to see some gorgeous concept art not too long ago, but it’s anyone’s guess as to how much of that will make it into the film. With the limited glimpse we’ve gotten into the production, it looks like Jurassic World is distancing itself from the dark and drab third installment, and even the "lit by a flashlight aesthetic" of the second. Everything looks bright and new like in the first film, except it looks much bigger in scale and much more dangerous.

With sequels already being planned, and a bold vision for the future, Jurassic World looks like it’s starting to gather steam and faith from all involved. We’ll see if the final results are worthy of a multi-picture contract when the film releases on June 12th, 2015.

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