The Justice League Is Coming To 2015 in This Form

While the Zack Snyder Justice League film isn't due in theaters until at least 2017, that doesn't mean Warner Bros isn't making the most of its legacy stable of superheroes. In fact, DC Comics is head and shoulders above anything Marvel is doing in terms of its direct to DVD films, particularly when it comes to the Justice League. With the New 52 off and running, it's time for one of DC's heroes to finally take center stage... in animated form!

NewsARama has coverage on the upcoming animated film, Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis, which takes its name from the third collected volume of the New 52 run of Justice League comics. The funny thing about the plot is it sounds oddly similar to the rumored reason Aquaman would find himself coming into the limelight in the new Snyder continuity. Except replace the battle against Apokolips with the battle against General Zod.

Either way, the Atlantians have been disturbed and are pissed off at the surface world, which means (in the animated universe's case) it's time to take up arms against all surface dwellers. Among those landlocked future victims is the half human/half Atlantian Arthur Curry, who's just starting to realize that he isn't as much of an innocent bystander as he thought. In order to prevent war and become a true hero, Arthur is going to have to become Aquaman and take his rightful place in the Justice League.

While it's definitely a departure from the original storyline depicted in the comics, Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis has purposely been crafted to give Aquaman an origin story in the animated universe. While news has been scarce and inconsistent on the cinematic universe front, it's good to know that Warner Bros is, at the very least, preparing viewers for the eventual Justice League team up by getting audiences acquainted with one of their lesser known heroes.

We even have a trailer for the film, courtesy of Newsarama.

Judging by the first look at Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis, WB Animation is continuing to deliver compelling Justice League stories with plenty of action, and some pretty good one-liners. In other words, the DC Animated Universe is doing just what the Cinematic Universe should be doing, and it would be wise of Zack Snyder to take notes.

Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis will be released next spring. However you can catch another glimpse at the future of Atlantis if you're attending New York Comic Con on Friday, October 10th; as there will be a panel presentation that night.

Mike Reyes
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