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While the upcoming Justice League of America movie is shaping up like a big disappointment for many long time fans, the wheels are still turning to get this thing shot and onto the big screen. Obviously a key concern for any movie about superheroes is that everyone needs to have a costume. For reasons I can’t quite bring to mind, we can’t have those hot young actors and actresses running around naked.

Fortunately, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, the Green Lantern, and the rest will be dressed up by the same group that clothed everyone’s favorite hobbits and orcs. The Dominion Post is reporting that JLA producer Barrie Osborne confirmed Weta Workshop, the New Zealand based affiliate of special effects masters, Weta Digital, will be creating the costumes for the superheroes. Both Weta and Osborne are best known for their work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Osborne, for one, is excited by Weta’s work. “They are doing all the costumes and they're doing a brilliant job. A lot of people thought it would be too hard, that you can only make those things in Hollywood,” he said.

I always thought costumes were created by costume designers, but a large boat could be filled with all I don’t know. The movie, to be directed by George Miller, is reportedly going to be shot in Australia, that and Osborne’s relationship to the company, make Weta’s involvement more understandable. There is no word yet if Weta Digital will be handling any of the obviously heavy special effects work required to show our heroes flying and punching with comic book-like realism.