Among the films to screen at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year was Justin Long's A Case of You, a romantic comedy that stars Long as a writer who makes a few alterations to his online profile in an effort to win over Birdie Hazel, a Brooklynite played by Evan Rachel Wood. As the new theatrical trailer indicates things don't go quite as he planned.

From what the trailer teases, Long's character wasn't in the market for "the one," but rather a bit of inspiration when he set out to pursue Evan Rachel Wood's character. In what seems like a classic romcom move, he does a bit of cyberstalking and modifies his own interests and hobbies to mirror those of the woman he's targeting. They include cooking, learning guitar, judo and ballroom dancing. Also rock climbing, it seems. But he didn't count on her falling in love with him, or maybe he didn't believe it was possible. And so after a series of awkward shenanigans related to Long's efforts to pretend he's someone he isn't, she falls for him and things get complicated.

Admittedly, the premise doesn't seem particularly original at the start, but toward the end of the trailer, we see hints at something a bit deeper here, as Long's character questions what Birdie actually sees in him. Maybe he assumes she loves him for all the things he's pretending to be. Maybe she does. Or maybe there's only so much you can fake and this woman's feelings go beyond his attempts at rock climbing and judo. That's something the film will hopefully explore.

Not only is Long starring in the film, but he also produced it, as well as co-wrote it with his brother Christian Long and actor Keir O'Donnell. So it'll be exciting to see Long's efforts at expanding his creative reach beyond acting. And then, of course, there's the cast. The trailer makes the wise choice to include a few scenes featuring Peter Dinklage, who appears to have a few words of advice for Long's character, or one word really, which is "horny." I guess that could be used as a loose synonym for "smitten," depending on the context.

Along with Dinklage, Long and Wood, the cast includes Sienna Miller, Brendan Fraser and Long's He's Just Not That Into You co-star Busy Phillips. So we can add the promising cast to the list of reasons to keep an eye out for A Case of You when it arrives in theaters, whenever that is. The trailer, which comes to us via Yahoo, doesn't actually specify the release date, so it may not have one just yet, but hopefully that's not far along if this trailer's making the rounds.

In the meantime, am I alone in having Joni Mitchell stuck in my head now?

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