Keanu Reeves Is A Supernatural Martial Arts Savior In First 47 Ronin Trailer

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Will we ever be able to see a Keanu Reeves film that positions him as the last-ditch savior of any given race – particularly a movie that relies on kung-fu fighting techniques – without immediately calling to mind The Matrix? Not that the first full trailer for Carl Rinsch’s 47 Ronin looks like The Matrix, or that Reeves’ character, Kai, resembles Neo (though they both are three-lettered names). It’s just that when we get to the line, “We believe you are the only one who can help us,” we’re going to take the blue pill and tumble down all those old, familiar paths toward The Matrix land.

Then again, Neo never had to fight dragons or ogres in the Wachowskis' movie, so 47 Ronin has that going for it.

Universal is releasing 47 Ronin on Christmas Day. As you can tell, from this first full trailer (posted in Apple), it has touches of mysticism and spiritual warrior tones in telling the story on an exiled fighter (Reeves) called back into service against a team of deadly, magical beasts. By his side stand 47 ronin – or samurai – ready to reclaim the land that they lost.

Did I mention there are ghosts, giant beasts, and that creepy lady with two different colored eyes who’s able to transform into a dragon?

Rinsch has been working on 47 Ronin for some time now. Initially set for 2012, the film’s release date was bumped … then bumped again. No confirmation, though, as to whether this was due to the problems Rinsch was encountering in the editing room. And Ronin shoud not be confused with Reeves’ other karate drama reaching theaters later this year, Man of Tai Chi. Basically, if you are a major fan of Reeves doing karate in intricate dramas, the second half of 2013 is going to be pretty amazing.

Ahead of the trailer, 47 Ronin released four character posters. The movie arrives in theaters on Dec. 25. What do you think of it so far?

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