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Of all the celebrities to get kicked out of a movie theater, Kelly Osbourne was ranked low on our probability chart. Her new bestie and Fashion Police host Kathy Griffin seemed like a likely candidate, but unfortunately for Osbourne, that’s not how things went down. The purple-haired E! TV personality recently revealed that she was the one who got herself and Griffin kicked out of a theater last year for cursing at a group of teenagers.

Osbourne revealed the story, which went down at Hollywood’s ArcLight theater, on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. And Griffin wasn’t the only one caught in the gravitational pull of her forced departure. Grammy-nominated "Chandelier" singer Sia was also accompanying them to the theater, and she too got kicked out. As Osbourne told the late-night host (via FOX News):
It was Scarlett Johansson’s new movie [Under the Skin] and it was very artsy — men with big boners going into black liquid — and I was just giggling through the whole thing because I thought I was going to see a comedy.

What happened next involved a group of pretentious Beverly Hills teens "whose parents won’t let them move to New York" and the Osbourne family’s most heavily used catch phrase. When these kids in question expressed their discontent for Kelly Osbourne disturbing the movie, she told them to "fuck off." The F-bomb? From a member of the Osbourne family?! We’re shocked. Though, her comments got herself and her companions kicked out, but she was still in good spirits, saying that they spent the rest of the time in the lobby of the ArcLight laughing.

While it seems a little too dramatic an end result, considering how the ArcLight is now probably on all three of these women’s shit lists, Osbourne displayed what we would call improper movie theater etiquette. As a celebrity who’s covered the red carpet for a number of Hollywood events, even the Oscars, for E!, she should know how to act when one of their works are on display. Movies are escapism, and you don’t wanna be that person who ruins the experience by laughing at one of the more dramatic moments. But at the very least we’re glad she wasn’t texting or taking selfies of the screen.

One thing was confirmed in Osbourne’s story, though: unlike how she performs, Sia does watch her movies facing forward.

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