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Kevin Costner Celebrated Father's Day In An Iowa Cornfield With Field Of Dreams Fans

If you build it, they will come. And if you honor it, most of them will return to take part in the celebration.

That’s what we learned over the weekend, as Kevin Costner, Timothy Busfield (who played Costner’s brother-in-law, Mark, in the movie), sportscaster Bob Costas and Field of Dreams fans from far and wide reunited in an Iowa cornfield to remember the impact of Phil Alden Robinson’s fantastic family drama. Over Father’s Day weekend. God, could it be any more perfect? No, you are the one tearing up as you sit by your computer on a Monday morning.

The Huffington Post says a screen was set up in the outfield of the Field of Dreams ball field, where Kevin Costner and the gathered crowd relived the memories of the 25-year-old film. The actor, of his memorable, role, said:

"I'm glad to be here with friends and old acquaintances and making some new ones, and for my children to be a part of this. It's certainly a high mark for me, this little movie, and it remains so."

The weekend festivities held in Iowa on behalf of Field of Dreams included celebrity softball games, and concerts by the Gin Blossoms, Joan Jett and the Blackhawks, and Kevin Costner’s own band, Modern West! Listen to Costner’s velvet vocals over snapshots from the reunion weekend:

And here’s Kevin Costner and Bob Costas in Iowa, at the celebration, via Modern West’s Facebook page:

Post by Kevin Costner & Modern West.

Field of Dreams is one of those timeless classics that connects to the heart of Midwestern Americana, capturing Kevin Costner in his rugged prime. (He basically filmed it between Bull Durham and Dances with Wolves. So yeah, the "Golden Age" of Costner.) And while I’m thrilled to report that all of this amazing stuff happened in Iowa over Father’s Day weekend in celebration of the amazing film, I’m incredibly disappointed I didn’t know about it sooner, so I could have tried to scoop up my own two boys and bring them to the cornfield to have a catch.

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