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Kevin Hart’s star is shining bright at the moment. He received rave review for his comedic turn in Think Like a Man, a bona-fide hit from Hollywood’s spring season. He also scored notes by stealing scenes from Jason Segel and Emily Blunt in The Five-Year Engagement, and is a regular on the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family. And that’s not even a mention of his ability to sell out arenas on a regular basis as a stand-up comic. But Hart might elevate to an even higher level if this next bit of news comes to fruition.

Hart is in talks to co-star alongside Kevin James for a Sony Pictures comedy Valet Guys, which would begin filming at the end of 2012 in Miami, according to Deadline. The buddy comedy sounds relatively generic: Two valet guys at a posh Miami resort lose a valuable automobile, and have 48 hours to retrieve it. But the script comes from James and his writing partner Nick Bakay (Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Zookeeper), so in a studio’s eyes, this is like printing money.

Is this the right move for Hart? Those who really know his comedy often make comparisons to a young Eddie Murphy. Maybe Hart should be looking for the next 48 Hours or Coming to America instead of skipping right to the family-friendly Dr. Doolittle stage of movie stardom?

Or maybe Bakay and James are ready to dirty up the Grown Ups star’s image with an edgier, more sarcastic comedy? That could be why they’ve tapped Hart to lend his skills. Deadline says that murder “is involved” in the script, so it’s possible this will be more Beverly Hills Cop than Zookeeper. We’ll see if Hart signs on, and how this develops over time.

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