WARNING: This trailer contains audio that is NSFW! It is red band after all.

Kevin Hart has been a outrageous scene-stealer in comedies like The 40 Year Old Virgin, Think Like a Man, and The Five-Year Engagement. And with each of these eye-catching and hilarious performances, he's gained new admirers in audiences and in the industry. But when Hart's not cracking wise in moves and television, he's touring the countries as a house-packing stand up comedian. In 2012, he toured with a comedy show called "Let Me Explain," and coming soon to theaters you can see the set that sold out Madison Square Garden. That's 18,200 seats, guys.

In the red band trailer courtesy of Yahoo, you can see Hart struggling to find fans on the street, arguing with his friends about proper tour bus etiquette (shitting on the bus incurs heavy fines), and of course performing before thousands at Madison Square. He's a man with ambition, and like Jay-Z and Kanye, he's got swagger for days…and fire! In the bits of his act revealed above, you can see him unleashing about the drudgery of relationships, the rules of friendship, and a half-deer half-zebra (a deerdra if you will) that haunts his nightmares.

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain opens July 3rd. In the meantime, you can spot him in the Armageddon comedy This is the End, which opens tomorrow. And coming up, Hart is lined up to co-star with Paula Patton in About Last Night, with Kevin James in Valet Guys, and with Josh Gad in a newly announced comedy where'll he'll play a Best Man for hire at Gad's wedding.

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