Unless you are of a certain age, you might not even realize that Steve Pink’s About Last Night is an update of an earlier film (which we’ll talk about in a little bit). Which is actually fine, because if Kevin Hart and Regina Hall can bring their own heat to this upcoming romantic comedy, there won’t be any reason to think about the original About Last Night because we’ll all be having too much fun with the remake. The latest trailer arrived on YouTube via Sony Pictures. We have it for you above.

Originally, About Last Night was a 1986 dramedy starring Rob Lowe and Demi Moore that, itself, was based on a 1974 David Mamet play. It focuses on two couples through different stages of their relationships, from the initial hook up to the carnal celebration … to the possible decline, for various reasons.

This new version plays off of those same journeys, with updated flourishes – i.e. Facebook references, Maroon 5 soundtrack nods and “sexting” jokes that only make sense in 2013. That’s not to say it’s all tech-gags aimed at Millennials. The rock-paper-scissors bit is both classic, simple and funny, and Hart gets a number of memorable lines in this trailer. The bit about leaning over to spit the “vile” food in the plastic bag to avoid swallowing it is fresh and clever. We can all hope that it’s just a hint at what’s to come … not the case where every joke makes it into the teaser.

Take a moment to compare this trailer to the clip for the 1986 movie:

It’s hysterical that Hart has several lines lifted directly from Jim Belushi’s role in the original film, which in turn lifted them directly from the Mamet. That’s an encouraging sign that Pink and his cast will adhere to the source material, and any time a movie mirrors Mamet’s wordplay, it has a high chance of succeeding.

Hart, meanwhile, is on a roll. His concert film, Let Me Explain, banked $32 million domestically during its summer run. He had a funny bit in the ensemble comedy This Is The End, and he’s getting outstanding reviews for the buddy-cop comedy Ride Along, with Ice Cube. The Valentine’s Day opening weekend release date should only help About Last Night, which looks like a hit after this teaser trailer. What did you guys think?

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