Kevin Smith May Not Make Ranger Danger

For awhile now Kevin Smith fans have waited eagerly for a project based on a t-shirt. Granted, it is a really cool t-shirt. The shirt to your right appeared in Clerks 2 worn by Randall. Recently Smith has been talking about actually making Ranger Danger. Back in January he hinted that it might be his tenth film, and in recent months he’s talked about a big science fiction project in the works, one which he wants to star Seth Rogen, and which many assumed must be his Ranger Danger movie. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Not only is Smith’s sci-fi movie not Ranger Danger, but now Ranger Danger may not be happening at all.

During his time on Cinema Blend’s Weekly Blend Audio Show this Sunday, Smith confirmed that there is a “sci-fi comedy I want to do. But it’s not Ranger Danger. Everyone keeps saying that but it’s not Ranger Danger.”

Instead, it seems this new project has bumped Ranger Danger right off the View Askew radar. Says Smith, “I think this new thing has kind of replaced it as something I want to do.”

Bummer for anyone who went out and bought a Ranger Danger t-shirt, but come on, it was just a t-shirt. Ranger Danger is dead, but Kevin is still doing a big science fiction movie, and if things work out as planned, it may be the thing that launches Seth Rogen into space.

Hear the rest of what Kevin had to say about Ranger Danger and his upcoming outer space adventures with Rogen by heading to our podcast page and listening to the newest episode of The Weekly Blend Audio Show.

Josh Tyler