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To those of us fed up with the cretins who think the movie theater is the perfect place to text, chat idly or generally act like an inconsiderate ass, Alamo Drafthouse has become a haven. Their theaters take its movie devotion seriously, famously kicking out viewers who talk and text, and later publically shaming them. It's the closest thing we have to the Oatmeal ideal. So when Drafthouse got into the game of distributing features, film fanatics like us took notice.

Drafthouse Films has already made the insightful and hilarious British comedy Four Lions, the Oscar-nominated Belgian drama Bullhead, and the willfully mental parody The FP more accessible to American audiences, and next up on their slate is a demented comedy out of Denmark that will redefine your idea of raunchiness.

Klown stars Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen as two friends who plan to shelve their adult responsibilities for a canoe trip they dub "the Tour de Pussy," which is charted for wild concerts, debauchery and a climactic trip to an enticingly exclusive brothel. But this trip is tripped up when Frank must prove to his pregnant girlfriend that he can be a responsible father figure. So, Frank essentially kidnaps her adolescent nephew, making him witness to their R-rated escapades. While it may sound like The Hangover, the feature is actually inspired by Hvam and Christensen's popular sitcom, and takes bad boy antics to new highs and lows.

We've already shared the film's red-band and green-band trailers, and now, we've got a bevvy of images that may give some additional insight into this wild ride.

Klown hits VOD on July 27th, and opens in NY, LA and Austin the same day.

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