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The LEGO Movie kicked all sorts of box office and animated ass in 2014. A surprise hit to say the least, the Phil Lord/Chris Miller film only further shored up their reputation as funny men with a heart – no matter the audience they're playing towards. As you'll see in this new featurette, Lord and Miller are as detail oriented as they are talented at crafting punchlines.

While the concept of creating a computer animated LEGO film sounds extremely easy and "done before," The LEGO Movie actually pushed the boundaries of making a film about the famous building system of blocks. More specifically, the team working on The LEGO Movie went head and built a program where they could build anything their imagination could create... all in the classic LEGO parts we all know and love. Not content with being able to just build LEGO creations with perfect blocks, Phil Lord and Chris Miller spent tons of time in R&D creating imperfections and smudges that you'd find on a well-worn LEGO system. Even Miller's own spaceman figure from his childhood was featured prominently, helmet crack and all, in the finished product.

If you think it's weird that Warner Bros took almost a year to post a video with as many behind the scenes details as this video does, you'd actually be wrong. The box office competition for kids flicks this year was sparse enough that the right film could clean up at the right time, which is exactly what The LEGO Movie did. More to the point, it's no secret that as Academy Awards voting season is currently raging, and there's a good chance that The LEGO Movie could be nominated for Best Animated Film. It could also very well be the easy front runner to win the trophy in this non-Pixar year. So why shouldn't Warner Bros. remind the kindly Academy Award voters of the one film in 2014 that was built completely out of digital LEGO pieces, yielding such exciting sequences as the huge car chase seen below?

Out of all of the animated films from last year, The LEGO Movie had arguably the most innovative visual storytelling of the lot. Considering that it's given us the technology to make actual digital LEGO films with authentic piece and shapes, the film could win an Oscar on technique alone. Watching the video at the top of this piece, it's clear to see that all the technical trickery in the world can't surpass the creativity and love for the actual LEGO brand that Phil Lord and Chris Miller wear on their sleeves. Let's just hope all the factors that made The LEGO Movie an almost instant hit are not forgotten, but improved upon for the sequels and spinoffs.

The LEGO Movie 2 will build itself a story on May 26, 2017.

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