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Latest Ender's Game Photos Showcase The Battle Room And Hailee Steinfeld

Ender and Petra

The promos for Ender's Game have focused a lot on alien invasion and the war man is preparing to fight in this story, but the photos for the feature adaptation of Orson Scott Card's novel tell a different story, as they place a higher emphasis on the preparation aspect and Ender's time in Battle School, as opposed to the impending war. And while we're on the subject of emphasis, does anyone else notice there's been an abundance of Petra in the promotional content lately? Hailee Steinfeld's character is featured right next to the film's star, Asa Butterfield, in the recently released international poster, and she appears at Ender's side in the photo above, as well as in some of the other new pictures MTV shared this week.

Here she is again, working directly in front of Butterfield's Ender, who appears to be leading this team of fellow child-soldiers.

Ender leads

And here's another one, which puts Steinfeld front and mostly-center as she works at a very futuristic looking desk:

Hailee Ender's Game

Steinfeld put herself on the map with her Oscar nominated performance as Mattie Ross in the True Grit remake. And we'll see her playing the iconic role of Juliet in the upcoming remake of the Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet, which arrives next week. With that timing in mind, it's not entirely surprising that Summit might be showcasing Steinfeld a bit more in their promotional content, especially as Ender's Game is set to arrive in theaters November 1.

Steinfeld and Butterfield aren't the only stars of this film. We also have Harrison Ford, who plays Colonel Graff. Here he is, talking to Ender, who looks suited up for zero gravity:

Harrison Ford Enders

And that brings us to the last pic, which may very well be the most exciting one as it shows us Ender floating in the zero gravity Battle Room. Those of us who've read the book are likely to be especially eager to see these scenes adapted for the film, as they're some of the more exciting moments in Card's book.

Battle Room

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