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After Titanic was re-issued in 3D, we here at Cinema Blend sat down to consider what other classics we'd like to see get the post-converted 3D treatment, and my pick —to the horror of purists—was David Lean's incredible epic Lawrence of Arabia, primarily because I'd accept any excuse to bring his majestic Oscar-winning drama back into theaters. The scope of some films can only be properly appreciated on the expansive screens of movie theaters, and this is definitely true of Lawrence of Arabia.

Shot in 70 mm, the film's vast deserts become terrifyingly endless, making a dot on the horizon fill audiences with dread about what could be an inescapable harbinger of doom. A TV viewing of this film just can't compete. So it's good news for cinephiles that USA TODAY reveals Sony Pictures is celebrating the film's 50th anniversary by re-releasing it in theaters nationwide. However, it is worth noting, there will be no 70 mm prints making the journey to cinemas. Instead, Sony will screen the carefully constructed digital restoration of the Director's Cut, which played earlier this year the Cannes Film Festival.

Sadly, with film projectors falling into disrepair and becoming obsolete, many modern moviegoers may never have the chance to see Lawrence of Arabia in 70 mm as originally intended. Still, as someone who has seen the film in theaters before, let me assure you it's not to be missed. And really, what better way is there to bid farewell to Peter O'Toole, who recently announced his retirement from acting, than to take in the film for which he's best known! Perhaps some savvy theaters will even make a unbeatable double bill, pairing Lawrence of Arabia with Prometheus, a film that wears its love for the former on the sleeve of its mesmerizing—and O'Toole-idolizing—android.

Lawrence of Arabia will make its theatrical return on October 4th. A release of a Blu-ray collectible box set of the film will follow on November 13th, and Turner Classic Movies will air the director's cut on a special one-night-only event on November 16th at 8PM.

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