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Learn How You Can Watch Every Best Picture Nominee In One Sitting

Every year, five to ten films are selected by the Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences to represent the best of the previous year's crop. These Best Picture nominees can range from wide opening films you've already seen, to independent films you've been dying to see, but didn't want to spend the gas money on. Well, you're in luck, as the best event to celebrate the Best Pictures is rolling into town again; AMC Theaters has announced their ninth annual Best Picture Showcase.

Since 2006, AMC Theaters has been offering audiences the opportunity to indulge in the entire field of nominees for top Oscar honors. As times have changed, and the field of nominees has widened, the program has changed to offer two options for audiences to get their fix of Oscar nominated glory. What doesn't change is the fact that the price for the event is a steal, considering you're paying between $55 to $65 dollars to see the following great films:

As we mentioned before, there are two options of Best Picture Showcase enjoyment. The first option is the admittedly more mainstream method, which breaks up this year's eight picture field into two weekends of four films a pop. This option will cost you $55, and is great if you're okay with a typical movie marathon, but don't feel like cramming all of the goodness into one day. However, if you're a daring sort that likes to live on the edge, there's always the more legendary option, which involved all eight films being shown in a 24 hour marathon on the day before the Oscars. That package will set you back $65, and is available in limited markets.

On top of that, this year will also see the debut of a new strategy that AMC Theaters are unrolling thanks to crowdfunding/voting platform Tilt. Much like you can "demand" a movie come to a theater near you, you can reserve a ticket to the Best Picture Showcase 24 Hour Marathon, and if 100 people sign up you'll be charged the $65. If the 100 ticket threshold isn't met though, the event is cancelled and you'll be able to enjoy the standard two day event. Either way, you're only a ticket's purchase away from enjoying an event that has been a staple of AMC Theaters' for almost a decade.

Why should you go to AMC Theaters' Best Picture Showcase? Speaking from experience, it's a fun event that brings together local pockets of the theater geek community. Everyone from internet junkies to people who've been to Sundance show up for two days in the dead of winter to act as a sort of informal film judging committee. On top of the camaraderie, there's also trivia breaks between each film, which offers a chance to net you some sweet swag from the theater's storerooms. Don't worry too much about getting tired or hungry though, as there is a dinner break on the longer day of the showcase, and the shorter day is short enough to let out in time for dinner.

AMC Theaters' Best Picture Showcase takes place on February 14th and 21st for the two day option, with the 24 hour marathon occurring on the 21st. One last suggestion: if your venue is a reserved seating venue, you might want to get your tickets as soon as possible. Reports have been coming in that Fandango sold tickets before they were available on AMC Theaters' website, thus leaving those watching the official channels at a disadvantage.

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