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Marvel Studios holds its cards incredibly close to the vest. It’s become almost a punchline of late as actors have had to brush off questions about plans for their characters by saying that the studio won’t let them answer. It’s become obviously frustrating for many actors who would love to talk more about what they’re doing, but at least one Marvel man doesn’t seem to mind it. Chiwetel Ejiofor sees the secrecy as normal. Who really wants to know all the answers early anyway?

As part of the promotion for his new film Triple 9, Chiwetel Ejiofor was asked about his upcoming role as Baron Mordo in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie. Actually, to be fair, HeyUGuys prefaced their question by asking what Ejiofor was allowed to talk about in regards to the project. Then, he was asked what he thought about the need for secrecy in general. The actor didn’t really think much of it to be honest.
It’s normal, I think. … You want to hold it back for people to see it. So it seems to be normal to not talk about something too much before people get a chance to take a look at it

Chiwetel Ejiofor makes the point that it’s normal to not talk about movies until the right time, and he uses the press junket for Triple 9 as a prime example, saying that he hasn’t spoken about that movie very much until now. The difference, of course, is that he probably hasn’t been asked nearly as many questions about Triple 9 as he has about Doctor Strange. It isn’t that Marvel is actually any more secretive than any other studio, it’s that they need to be more protective because there are many more people trying to pry answers out of them.

The actor’s comments echo those made by other actors who have been in the same situation regarding high profile films. Harrison Ford made it clear that he didn’t want to give anything away regarding Star Wars: The Force Awakens because he wanted fans to enjoy seeing the film for the first time. In the end, fans are always dealing with the double edged sword of wanting answers, while also avoiding spoilers. What we really want is for the movie to be out already, but since we can’t have that, we go looking for new details to help satiate our hunger for our favorite franchise. Check out Chiwetel Ejiofor’s thoughts on Baron Mordo in the interview below.

Would you be happier if Marvel was giving away more answers, or are you, ultimately, glad that they keep the lid down tight?