Anyone looking to kill some time who possesses good architecture skills and a healthy appreciation for wacky tasks is in luck. The makers of the new Lego movie have announced a contest asking fans to use the classic blocks to build crazy vehicles. The best designs will receive a thousand bucks and better than average bragging rights in the form of their creations being used in the movie.

Here’s the only caveat. All of the designs have to look like they started out as another object. So, for example: a car that flies with eighty-six wheels would be out of bounds but a Chase ATM with rockets attached to the back would be product tie-in perfection. You can take a look at directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller explaining everything below…

For the sake of fairness, there is one division for children and one for teenagers/ adults. The contest is scheduled to end at the beginning of December, and organizers are planning to choose as many winners as they’d like to actually use in the movie. Assumedly, that means they will pick at least one. Unfortunately for Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson, teams of fictional characters cannot apply, no matter how much architectural awesomeness they might have.

Good luck and remember, even if this movie winds up sucking, pizza places will still accept the cash you receive.

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