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The latest news running through the rumor mill has to do with a certain speedster solo-film, DC’s The Flash movie. With little out there on the production other than the titular role going to Ezra Miller whose Flash will be introduced in Justice League Part One, any news is exciting. But, DC has been busy giving us so much tease into Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad that it was only natural to forget about some of their other projects. That was until now, as talk has begun that The Flash may be directed by a popular director duo, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, known for their work on The Lego Movie and 22 Jump Street.

The rumor comes from SchmoesKnow’s Meet the Movie Press where they revealed that both hosts have heard word that Sony and Warner Bros. are looking to bring Phil Lord and Chris Miller on to helm a major tentpole. Whether or not that tentpole be The Flash or a Ghostbusters movie is still a bit unsure. The duo turned down a Ghostbusters project last year, but that was before Paul Feig’s fresh new take, so the two may find interest in it after all. So with Warner Bros. and Sony fighting for The Lego Movie directors, who will come out on top?

With the huge success of not only The Lego Movie but also 22 Jump Street last year, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are a hot commodity right now. But more so than their box office success, they’ve created an impressive fan base who would probably be thrilled to see them helm a movie in the DC Cinematic Universe. And while The Flash has started to make a name for himself on The CW, he has yet to show himself on the big screen in a live-action form. Ironically though, the speedster’s first theatrical appearance was in Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s The Lego Movie. So, if anyone deserves to get the gig for Barry Allen’s solo-film, it is definitely the dudes who first gave him life on the big screen.

The man behind the mask, Ezra Miller has reiterated his own excitement for the solo-film as well, and hopes that The Fastest Man Alive can keep kicking butt on the big screen for years to come. While rumors have not been confirmed on whether the Flash may cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he will definitely be making an appearance in 2017’s Justice League Part One followed up by his own solo film in 2018. Then, Barry Allen will team-up with his fellow Justice Leaguers once again in 2019 for Justice League Part Two.

While there’s no guarantee that the dynamic directing duo will officially sign on to help the DC hero’s solo film, we sure hope that if they do we can expect as great of an outcome as the awesome The Lego Movie. And with Jason Momoa’s latest tease of the Justice League films, we now know that DC may be going down a more comedic route with their future films. So, the comedic style of Phil Lord and Chris Miller could be the exact type of laughs the franchise is looking for.

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