Lex Luthor Will Have Hair In Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

When you think of Lex Luthor, what do you think? You think powerful, rich, kind of a dick, and bald; don't you? Well, don't get too attached to that last quality, because for at least part of (if not a lot of) Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice's running time, we're going to see Lex Luthor with hair. If you need to freak out and fan rage, now is the time to do it. Got that out of your system? Good, because we're going to talk about the obvious reasons why this detail isn't such a bad thing.

Batman News delivered the scoop that Lex Luthor will not only have hair, but it will also be "kind of loose and wavy, and it's dirty blonde." As for LexCorp itself, it's going to have a basketball court for a lobby and it's supposedly "fucking awesome." Yes ladies and gentlemen, LexCorp has now officially become a Google/Facebook hybrid. Start drafting your mash-up trailers accordingly, and we'll keep a look out for them!

So why shouldn't we be freaking out yet? Because any Superman fan worth their salt knows how vain Lex Luthor is, especially in the Gene Hackman incarnation back in the 70's and John Shea's version on Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman. The fact that Lex Luthor has hair isn't something to freak out over because, at some point or another, you can bet he will be bald. Especially considering, this scene that's being filmed is reported to be towards the beginning of the film, and anything can happen between then and the end to make Luthor's pretty boy image not so pretty. If fans really want to freak out, they should be freaking out over the "spastic mannerisms" that this Luthor seems to have. While those could change by the end as well, Luthor has NEVER been a spaz.

We also have information regarding Holly Hunter's character in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice as she is reported to be playing a U.S. senator in the film. Seeing as this information has been provided at the same time the Luthor scoop was pushed, it can be assumed that we're going to see said senator having a chat with Luthor himself. More than likely whatever weapons/information mining software/social network Lex Luthor is developing in this film will come in handy for tracking Superman and/or Batman, which will most likely be sought after by the U.S. Government for intelligence purposes. Luthor, being the opportunist he is, will probably hold out on selling out to the man at first; but after whatever catalyst possibly embaldens him is introduced in this film, he'll probably sign the dotted line of sweet sweet vengeance. Cue ominous theme music and the rest of the credits.

It's still early days for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the more we see of the film's progress, the more questions we're going to have over artistic choices out of context. Perhaps, if we just take each piece one step at a time, and evaluate the whole once it's assembled, we'll enjoy the proceedings more? Or, perhaps, Kevin Smith will have a good reason for why this incarnation of Superman should be teaming up with Armie Hammer instead of Ben Affleck. After all, he seems to know everything DC's doing, so surely he knows why this is all happening?

All of these questions and more will be answered when Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits theaters on May 6th, 2016.

Mike Reyes
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