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Jonathon Lipnicki probably still remembers that the human head weighs eight pounds, but who knew he still knew how to act? According to HR, the young actor who made your heart melt in Jerry Maguire is 18 and set to star in The Other Side of Innocence.

The flick is a psychological thriller in which Lipnicki plays a troubled boy who falls for the daughter of the local chief detective who has emotional problems of her own. To make matters more convoluted, there’s a serial killer on the loose in their town. Dev-O-Ron Pictures is responsible for sending this one to the American Film Market. Devorah Cutler is expected to direct the flick, which is based on the screenplay written by Robert Redlin. Lipnicki’s mother, Rhonda, and Cutler are set to produce.

The big question here is whether or not Lipnicki will be able to break the cute-little-actor mold and break into the industry as a serious performer. There hasn’t been much to judge his abilities on since the Stuart Little sequel back in 2002. In addition to The Other Side of Innocence he is also working on a drama called For the Love of Jade about a man reflecting on a past romance after finishing a 30-year prison sentence.