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The Limits Of Control Trailer Limits Plot Detail

Thanks to the abundant amount of synopsizes available on the Internet explaining that Jim Jarmusch's latest, The Limits of Control is a film about a mysterious loner completing a job that may not be considered legal. When a trailer for a film is released, you’d expect to get some sense of the plot. Well, you won’t get that here. What you will you get is exactly what’s been known all along: The Limits of Control is about this creepy guy who walks around Spain doing something, but we’re not quite sure what. Thanks to some text we can assume he is a professional of some sort and perhaps gets distracted from his mission, maybe by a pretty lady.

So we don't get a good sense for what it's about, but at least we get some strong words: Follow, Seduce, Execute, Control. Luckily, weirdness aside, it has a great cast. Watch Bill Murray, John Hurt, and Tilda Swinton in the first trailer for The Limits of Control in high-def right here (opens in new tab).

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.