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Lindsay Lohan Is on A Cell Phone Hunt In First Clip From The Canyons

We've seen a few trailers for The Canyons, the new film from director Paul Schrader based on a script by Bret Easton Ellis, but the truth is that we've never really been given a sense of what the movie is like or about. Each of the previews has masqueraded the movie as being from a different era, be it the 30s, 50s or 60s, and as a result we don't know what to expect. Now that an extended clip has been released online we're beginning to understand...and we kind of wish we weren't.

A nearly three-minute-long scene has been uploaded to YouTube, and just so that you know what to expect most of it is Lindsay Lohan quietly sneaking around a swanky apartment looking for her lost cell phone. But it all leads to quite the dramatic finish. Scope it out below.

I can understand James Deen's performance in this scene as he is a former porn star making his feature debut, but didn't Lindsay Lohan used to be a semi-talented actress? What happened to that? If this is indicative of the rest of the movie we'll be seeing (if we ever see it) then I can't say my hopes are too high.

The Canyons has been described as being about the dangers of sexual obsession among a group of 20 year olds living the high life in Los Angeles. The film, which also happens to feature Oscar-nominated director Gus Van Sant in a role and was funded through Kickstarter, has not yet landed a distributor and has not established a domestic release date.

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