Lindsay Lohan Isn't Bankable But Olivia Thirlby Is?

There's been a lot of yang flying around about how Lindsay Lohan lost her role in The Other Side because the producers thought she "wasn't bankable," meaning she doesn't put money in producers' pockets like she did back in the good ole Mean Girls days. TMZ has just broken the news that her replacement comes in the form of Olivia Thirlby, that girl you loved to hate in The Wackness, but who has appeared in very few other roles.

This obviously begs the question, how is this girl more bankable than Lohan? I guess the potential bankability of a cute girl who doesn't spend most of her waking hours with her nose pressed against a broken mirror is much higher than one who does, but that's still a risk if star power was your initial issue. Really it seems more like the producers were looking for an excuse to get the tabloid messiah off of their production. It also can't have helped that Lohan is known as difficult to work with on set, so pulling in a newbie who's just eager to be getting roles is certainly a safer bet.

Thirlby's few roles have been good ones, especially her supporting turn in Juno, so theoretically she adds a bit of credibility to the film. But rest assured the support for her will be much bigger names than her own in order to get The Other Side off the ground. In theory, anyone on Earth is more bankable than Lindsay Lohan, let's just hope that theory pans out.