The Lizard To Be Spider-Man 4's One And Only Villain?

It looks like the Spider-Man team took a hint. According to MarketSaw, Spider-Man 4 will shed the Spider-Man 3 multi-villain disaster and stick to just one villain, and that baddie will be – drum roll please – The Lizard!

Last week we told you that Dylan Baker confirmed his involvement in the fourth film. He has appeared in all three films as Peter Parker’s college professor Dr. Curt Connors who, in the comics, eventually becomes the supervillain The Lizard. Connors was only a minor player in the second and third films, but if these reports are accurate, he could be front and center in the fourth.

While MarketSaw dubs their source “strong,” it’s hard to let go and get super hyped about the news. If the Lizard is indeed the villain, it would certainly allow director Sam Raimi to take the franchise in a better direction. Earlier this month, Raimi was quoted as saying, “What we're trying to do right now is really understand the journey Peter is going to go on this time and have the villain maybe be a counter to that growth, something that he has to overcome.” With Dr. Connors’ relationship with Peter already established he’d be in an optimal position to have an intense effect on Spider-Man while honoring reasonable limitations. If Raimi hopes “to get back to the basics” with Spider-Man 4, The Lizard might be the way to do it.

Perri Nemiroff

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.