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Is That Lockdown On The Transformers: Age Of Extinction IMAX Poster?

The new IMAX poster for Michael Bay’s pending Age of Extinction borrows imagery from an ominous scene in the full trailer Paramount dropped for the sequel. We’re pasting it below, hoping someone can fill us in on the true identity of that rampaging Decepticon.

Transformers Decepticon

The general consensus online is that this is Lockdown, a Decepticon bounty hunter. Other sites have speculated that it's Galvatron, a crucial component to the Transformers franchise who, for some reason, hasn’t been portrayed in Bay’s movies to this point. The villain was rumored to be a part of Age of Extinction back in May, then confirmed in February when Hasbro began unveiling toys tied to the sequel. At the same time, MTV’s UK site labels the Transformer in the poster as "Nightship." Unless that’s a reference to the ship coasting along behind this Decepticon in question? We’ve reached out to Paramount for clarification, and will update the story as soon as they have responded with character confirmation.

This looming one-sheet of terror isn’t the only new images being release on behalf of Bay’s Age of Extinction. Actress Li Bingbing Yueming is featured on a character poster for the upcoming blockbuster, though her role in the sequel may change depending on where you live. I’ll explain after you enjoy her beautiful one-sheet.

Li Bingbing Yueming

Empire, who shared the poster, say that this promo was designed with Asian audiences in mind. And Bay, according to the site, will deliver a cut of Extinction that includes "additional scenes" with the actress, as she has a huge following in China.

Galvatron, meanwhile, has a deep history in Transformers lore, and can come to man many different things… depending on which generation of the story fans are referencing. In most instances, Galvatron is a reconstruct of the fallen Decepticon leader, Megatron (who died in Bay’s Dark of the Moon). He is supposed to be the baddest of the bad, and can transform into a cannon, while also sporting a cannon on his arm. Like this:

Galvatron cartoon

What do you guys think? Is the Decepticon on the IMAX poster Galvatron? Lockdown? A completely different foot soldier in Bay’s growing Transformers army? And will you check out this sequel in IMAX, as Paramount and Bay have planned? Here’s the < a href=>latest trailer, which features the robot currently believed to be Galvatron creating a cannon out of his chest. Are you sold?

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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