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Logan's Run Remake To Be Scored By Drive Soundtrack Collaborator Johnny Jewel

There are hundreds of things to love about Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive, from the incredible performances to the brilliant lighting and sound design, but one aspect that has had people talking for months is the music. In addition to the stunning score by Cliff Martinez, the soundtrack also features amazing tracks by bands like Kavinsky, College, Desire and Chromatics (opens in new tab). The latter two acts are produced by a man named Johnny Jewel, who has revealed that he will be composing the score to Winding Refn's upcoming remake of Logan's Run. recently had the chance to speak with Jewel about his contributions to the Drive soundtrack, when he mentioned that he will be working with the Danish filmmaker again on the science-fiction tale. "Nick talked to me a little bit about Logan’s Run," Jewel said. "He mentioned it and was just trying to feel out if I was interested, and I was telling him about how on my 30th birthday, I had a party and I had a blinking stone in my hand, because I was super into that movie and obsessed with the idea of turning 30 or whatever."

Winding Refn has said that the project, which is set to star Ryan Gosling in the lead role, will be his follow-up to Only God Forgives, which is currently in pre-production. That's not stopping Jewel from getting a head start on the project, however. The artist has already gone back to not only Michael Anderson's 1976 film, but the book by William F. Nolan and the television show that lasted half of a season in 1977 (Jewel says that he actually prefers the music in the show to the music in the movie). Said Jewel about this experience,

I opened a bottle of wine, I was listening to it on headphones, and I was like, 'Whoa, are you serious?' It wasn’t what I wanted to be, but then I realized that what I wanted it to be was already what I was hearing – [the score] that I would make, if it comes up.

Johnny Jewel actually composed his own score for Drive that ended up not being used, but he will be releasing as a project called "Symmetry" through an independent record label. If you want to be truly excited about this team up between Jewel and Winding Refn, I highly recommend going to see Drive this Friday.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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