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Watching the news these days can sometimes instill a mindset that the world is darker than it’s ever been. And watching Man of Steel from Zack Snyder may inspire some to believe that Superman is a character that no long symbolizes hope and optimism. Get ready to have both of those assumptions negated with the trailer for the inspirational documentary Look to the Sky. Grab a tissue or two and check it out below!

As you can tell, this isn’t a documentary that tracks the existence of Superman, because there are already books and specials out there that cover that. Look to the Sky is a film that exposes just how many of us in the world are able to take the concept of the iconic superhero’s good will and justice and apply it to everyday situations that others readily ignore. From feats of rescue to ensuring survival through supplying food and other necessities of life, the subjects of this documentary will no doubt provide the lift one needs in times of negativity and sorrow.

Why am I so confident about this? Because the filmmaker, Brett Culp, was the man behind Legends of the Knight, the uplifting 2013 documentary that shined a bat signal on people that use Batman as their method of being heroes in day-to-day life. The film raised over $75,000 for many different charities that were funded through a nationwide theatrical tour, and the film is now being used in schools and other educational centers to show how pop culture isn’t just for entertainment. (You can find Legends of the Knight on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and just about anywhere else.)

For Look to the Sky, Culp traveled to over a dozen cities in the past year, getting interviews with not only the group of selfless children and adults at the center of the film, but also several more famous faces that can also speak to how superheroes are influential to people of all ages and ethnicities. You might have recognized author Neil Gaiman and DC Comics president Paul Levitz in there.

Culp, whose success with his previous doc allowed him to found the nonprofit organization The Rising Heroes Project, is putting this film together without a mega-production company behind him, so the film needs everyone’s help in order to get a proper release. You can head to the film’s Indiegogo campaign here to make your donations, which predictably will net you a selection of film-related swag.

Look to the Sky isn’t trying to be the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s blowing holes in the tunnel so that light shines throughout. We can expect to find this documentary getting a release in Fall 2016.

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