Looks Like The Internet Has Picked Its Favorite Star Wars 7 Character

Everybody has their favorite character from the new Star Wars film. Some people love the smart ass pilot, Poe Dameron, while others prefer the kick ass woman that is Rey. All of those people are wrong. The best character in the new movie is a Stormtrooper. Not Finn, but the guy who shouts "Traitor!" at him and then does a little dance with his riot control baton.

Due to his opening line of dialog, the internet has dubbed him TR-8R and he is officially the hottest thing online right now. The character is utterly ridiculous, but then, that’s part of the charm, isn’t it? He apparently recognizes Finn, and he takes the man’s desertion quite personally. So much so that when the two meet, the trooper drops his gun and shield in order to get up close and personal in a melee battle, something that honestly shouldn’t even work. Lightsabers are supposed to cut through pretty much anything, but that’s just how badass TR-8R really is. He doesn’t give a crap about your lightsaber. He also feels loyalty is very important, something that social media has been pointing out for some time.


As with most internet memes, once things get started, it all seems to pick up a life of its own. Some people have decided that TR-8R has officially jumped ahead of Captain Phasma on the badass Stormtrooper list. (And it's hard for us to argue.)


For some reason this is the one that keeps making us laugh.


Fans of TR-8R can rest easy. He is, in fact, getting his own toy so you can relive all of great TR-8R memories, and even create some new ones. Have you joined the church of TR-8R?

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Many online are hopeful that TR-8R actually survived the blaster shot from Han Solo that took him down, so that we may have a chance of seeing him again in future films. What do you think will be the ultimate fate of this new fan-favorite Star Wars characters?

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