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Looks Like James Wan Has A Response To Those Aquaman Rumors

A couple of days ago, rumors had surfaced that Aquaman director James Wan was looking for a way out of his duties helming the film. Well, it looks like Wan has heard those rumors, and he's responded with a simple, caption-less photo. His response can be seen below.

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This photo, courtesy of James Wan's Twitter feed, shows the director leaning against a wall with a mural depicting the famous aquatic member of the Justice League. While there's no caption or clever posing in the photo, it does seem to send a message. Of course, this message is implied rather than displayed for all to see, and what we're about to tell you is pure conjecture. That having been said, it looks like James Wan is clearly still on Team Aquaman, only a little short of a year since he first accepted the job.

Looking at the photo on face value, it looks like James Wan is reading something off of a portable device. Seeing as Wan is an industry insider, with his name conveniently burning a hole through the internet after the rumors of his directorial status made the rounds, it wouldn't be surprising to find out that this photo was taken either during or right after his discovery of Aquaman's supposed scoop. One of the interpretations of this photo is that James Wan is reading the news very carefully, and he knows what's being said about his alleged want to desert his chapter in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Which brings us to the second interpretation of what this Aquaman related photo may be saying. Considering the fact that this photo went up rather late into the evening on the East Coast / moderately late on the West Coast, it's to be assumed that James Wan is taking time to send a message to the world. That message is, potentially, that team Aquaman is hard at work with their efforts to bring the kingdom of Atlantis to the big screen, and on schedule with their July 2018 release date. Either way you look at it, James Wan isn't waiting until Monday morning to address the rumors of his departure. The only question is, what does his silent response actually entail? Especially considering this follow-up tweet that popped up not to long ago:

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Obviously, there's probably going to be some sort of statement within the next couple of days, if not by time The Conjuring 2 starts making its press rounds, about whether the Furious 7 director is still on board. But we still think Wan's on the team, because this response seems to be a little much for someone who's over the thrill of their post in the DC Cinematic Universe. Until we hear further details, we'll be waiting to find out the fate of Aquaman, which is set to take its bow on July 27, 2018. In the meantime, James Wan's next film, The Conjuring 2, is set to release on June 10th.

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