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Back in December, we learned that New Line was developing a 3D disaster movie called San Andreas, which as you might suspect, will focus on an earthquake on the West Coast. This week, we've learned that the project now has a writer, and it's someone with some notable TV credits to his name.

Variety has reported that Carlton Cuse has been tapped to pen the screenplay for New Line Cinema's earthquake disaster film San Andreas: 3D. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director Brad Peyton is on board to direct the movie, which is set to follow a man who treks across California in an effort to rescue his estranged daughter.

Carlton Cuse's writing credits over the last decade or so include TV series Black Sash, Nash Bridges and currently, a Psycho-inspired series for A&E called Bates Motel. Perhaps his most notable writing credit to date is ABC's Lost, on which he served as an executive producer, credited for 107 of the series' 121 episodes. Many of the episodes he's credited for writing, including the series finale, have him paired with Damon Lindelof.

While Lost certainly had a disaster element to it, with the story beginning with a plane crash, at its core the series was a character drama. With that in mind, despite Cuse's lack of experience in the way of disaster movies, perhaps the story for San Andreas will benefit from his experience in the area of human drama, allowing viewers to connect with the characters rather than putting all of the emphasis on the disaster.

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