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Last time we heard French megaproducer Luc Besson talking about the project he'd like to make next, he was apparently planning an English-language romance, something more along the lines of Angel-A than Transporter. It looked like the godfather of gloriously bad action like Taken was growing up and moving on, but not so fast! Besson recently told a French radio station (via Fantasy.fr, translated by Coming Soon) that he was working on another sci-fi genre project, with a big project he plans to shoot in 2012 or 2013.

The production is in the early stages, as he's just getting around to designing the creatures for the film, and it's entirely possible he's still planning that romance, especially given that 2012/2013 is a long way away. I kind of like the idea of Besson keeping his genre options open, especially since as a producer he's still bringing us intriguing, slightly silly looking action projects like the Zoe Saldana contract killer movie Colombiana or Lockout, which brings back Taken star Maggie Grace for no apparent reason. If he wants to follow up a romance with a giant alien movie, well, who's to stop him?

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