Luke Wilson Banking On Indie Sports Comedy Million Dollar Man

Professionally speaking, Luke Wilson has been in a bit of a rut. It’s not that he hasn’t worked. He has. It’s more like no one has bothered to go see his last few films, from Death at a Funeral or Middle Men to something called Tenure and another something called Blonde Ambition. Is that a spin-off from the Legally Blonde franchise that we’re just now hearing about?

Maybe Million Dollar Man will get Wilson back on track … or at least, back up to the level his brother, Owen, appears to be operating on. Variety’s ShowBlitz says Million Dollar will be an indie sports comedy that casts Wilson as a down-and-out route driver for a soda company who gets one last shot to put his life back on the right path when he goes out for a kicking gig on a football team. Needless to say, he’s probably out of shape and not ready to compete. Any guess as to how this underdog sports movie’s going to play out?

If all goes according to plan, Wilson will be on set with his Ambition director Scott Marshall, who is the son of Garry Marshall. I’m not sure how that plays out. The cliched story sounds schmaltzy enough to lure Garry away from his holiday-themed comedies. What happens to it if it’s passed down to his son, Scott? They’ll be working off of a screenplay from Alex Schrader, though no start date has been set for the production, and no release date has been floated as of yet.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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