Maguire Goes Mute

Maybe it isn’t fair, but I’m not interested in seeing Tobey Maguire make movies in which he doesn’t play Spider-Man. I guess he was good in Wonderboys and I suppose he’s a talented actor, but Spider-Man is too important to let him have a career outside it. If every non-spidey project he does fails, maybe we can force him to wear the costume forever. Let’s not have another Sea Biscuit Secure the future of Spider-Man, don’t support Tobey Maguire.

For instance, it’s vital that we all make a concerted effort to avoid Quiet Type, one of Maguire’s next pictures. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tobey is in talks to star in and produce the film with Michael London (the living one). Described as a romantic comedy, it’s the story that of an unassuming mute (all handicapped people are unassuming in the movies, personally I’d be an asshole if I were mute) from a small town who moves to the big city to become an orchestra conductor and probably get mugged.

If he does end up on board, Maguire won’t start Quiet Type until after he’s finished with Spider-Man 3. With Spidey 3 not due till 2007, it’ll be a long time before Maguire gets a chance to imitate Charlie Chaplin.