The Main Reason Ezra Miller Decided To Play The Flash

Ezra Miller’s The Flash was a very small component of Warner Bros.’ presentation at San Diego Comic-Con, showing up on screen during a montage of concept art that teased the development of the DC Cinematic Universe. It included Wonder Woman, Cyborg and a Green Lantern Corp. movie that will happen years from now. While we wait, Miller dropped a few details about his hero, and why he decided to play him.

Ezra Miller was speaking with MTV about his role in Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck, where he plays a magazine intern who works with Amy Schumer. But eventually, MTV asked Miller about The Flash, which will hit theaters on March 23, 2018 (or, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice slot). When asked why he’d be interested in playing this hero, Miller explained how Barry Allen’s Flash, during the Silver Age of comics, originally was conceived as a way for us to explore the Event Horizon. Miller explained:

He follows a lot of really interesting discoveries in physics. Where he comes from is [that] we figured out that the Event Horizon was there, and he was the character who was created through our mythos machine of comic books to break that Event Horizon, so you could explore – in fantasy – [and] I think that’s an interesting idea. And, what’s an interesting idea to me is, ‘What the fuck does that do to someone?’"

Ezra Miller strikes me as an odd choice to play a superhero. Not from a physical standpoint, though it’s true that he brings a different mold than the likes of Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck. But Miller, up to this point, has gravitated to character-driven indie projects, and I wasn’t sure if the concept of giving himself over to the DC Cinematic Universe was in his cards. I mean, look what’s happening with Jesse Eisenberg. However, watch Miller talk about interacting with Batman and Superman on screen around the 1:20 mark. His enthusiasm actually is contagious!

It’s unclear yet where The Flash will first factor in to the world that Zack Snyder is creating with Batman v Superman. The movie IS called Dawn of Justice, which leads us to believe that we’ll start seeing additional Justice League members (aside from Wonder Woman). We’ve heard rumors that Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and the Flash could show up, in some form, in next March’s blockbuster. We also hear that Aquaman will be a driving force in Suicide Squad, so we’ll see how that develops. For now, this is good information from Ezra Miller on The Flash, even though it’s still years away.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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