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Man Of Steel Image Reveals That Lois Lane Is An Apple Fan

We've long since realized that Amy Adams won't be ditching her signature red hair to play famous brunette Lois Lane in Man of Steel, but that's just about all we do know about the character. She's appeared briefly in the film's trailers, but most of the marketing has, intuitively, focused on Clark Kent or Superman. If Lois Lane is playing an unusually big role in this one, they're keeping it under wraps for now.

In fact, the reveal of Lois Lane is apparently so minor that Warner Bros. has handed the honors off to the Spanish site Desde Hollywood (via Bleeding Cool), which posted the image in black and white for no apparent reason (are there black and white flashback sequences in the film? Probably not). Either way, you can see it below:

The iPad in her hand, combined with that 70s/80s throwback style of the collar and vest, makes for a pretty clear signal that this will be a very, very modern Superman, or at least a very modern Daily Planet office. That could mean for a lot of unnecessary jokes about the paper suffering cutbacks or needing to fire dead weight like Jimmy Olsen, but it could also be a refreshing spin on the character, deliberately getting away from all the glossy reverence that Bryan Singer's Superman Returns got caught up in. You know that if another image emerges of Superman using an iPad, all the rival tablet makers are just gonna get furious.

Man of Steel comes to theaters on June 14 this year. For everything else we know about it so far, click here.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend