Marc Webb has been deliberately, maybe frustratingly vague about his plans to direct The Amazing Spider-Man 2, namely whether he has any of those plans at all. The director made an enormous leap up to the big time after his debut feature, (500) Days of Summer, was an indie success, and the positive response to his Spider-Man film seemed to suggest he had a guaranteed career in blockbusters-- that is, if he wanted it.

But the decision on whether or not Webb should direct Spidey again might not be up to Webb, or even the studio who makes the movies, Sony. According to The Los Angeles Times, the decision may be up to Fox Searchlight, who set up a contract with Webb when they picked up (500) Days of Summer that guaranteed he would make at least one more film for them. They allowed him to pause on that contract to make The Amazing Spider-Man (see more from that movie here), but understandably they're not eager to wait much longer, especially since Sony wants him on set for a sequel that would be released in the spring of 2014.

Given that this is a situation in which everyone involved stands to make a lot of money, though, there's obviously a solution, and Searchlight may get Webb to make two more movies for them in exchange for being cut loose to make The Amazing Spider-Man 2. By then, if the second movie is a hit, Webb will be an even bigger deal than he is now, and going back to make smaller films for Fox Searchlight would be an unusual move. But it might also make for a good palate cleanser for him between giant films, kind of the way Christopher Nolan made his own movies between Batman installments. And given how much skill Webb showed with (500) Days of Summer, he's got a lot to bring to smaller films-- why not give him an arrangement where he can do that and giant superhero movies?

The good news for fans of The Amazing Spider-Man is that this is the first real confirmation we've gotten that Sony wants to bring Webb back for the sequel, and it looks like they'll find a way to make it happen no matter what. Currently The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set for release May 2, 2014.

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