Marilyn Manson In Talks To Join Lindsay Lohan In Sharon Tate Murder Biopic

It’s no surprise Marilyn Manson would want to be involved with a film on the Sharon Tate murders given he took half his name from the mastermind, but his ideal role is a bit of a head-scratcher. Perhaps because he realizes with little acting experience he’d never get to play Charles Manson himself, the singer has approached filmmaker Tyler Shields about playing the sociopath’s number two Tex Watson in his upcoming film Eyes Of A Dreamer.

If that film title sounds familiar, it’s likely because you’ve read Lindsay Lohan is mulling over playing victim Sharon Tate in said film. She’s reportedly very interested but because of her legal problems, has not formally committed.

Most people seem to remember Charles Manson committing the Tate and LiBianca murders, but it was actually Tex Watson and several girls who did the heavy lifting. For all intents and purposes, Watson was in charge during all the assaults. In fact, he famously told Voytek Frykowski upon arriving at Roman Polanski’s home that he was the devil and there to do the devil’s work. I’m confident Marilyn Manson could do a serviceable enough job playing Watson except for one key detail. Watson was twenty-four when the murders were committed and Marilyn Manson is forty-two.

According to TMZ, the producers are very excited about the possibility of casting Manson, but they’ve yet to officially offer him the role. As of press time, it’s unclear if they’re more excited about the added publicity or about actually involving him in Eyes Of A Dreamer. Only time will tell.

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