Megamind Clips: Jonah Hill Plays Superhero Horseshoes With Liz Lemon

In a year where we’ve already had one super villain themed animated movie, Megamind seemed sort of unnecessary. Then I saw Despicable Me, realized it was terrible, and that there’s still plenty of room left in this genre for someone to get it right. Well, someone besides Mike Myers that is, who already got it right with Austin Powers and Austin Powers 2. Oddly enough, he also got it wrong, with every single second of Austin Power 3.

The point here, which I’m rapidly losing, is that the year could still use at least one good super villain turned hero movie. This might be the one. We have six new clips from Megamind for you below, and while I won’t attempt to claim they’re particularly funny they do seem to contain the ability to be incredibly, visually thrilling if seen on the big screen. There’s a pretty eye-popping flying sequence, in particular, where Jonah Hill shows up as a third super-powered character named Tighten (so far left out of the trailers) and accidentally throws Liz Lemon, er Roxanne, into rush hour traffic. Watch:

I think you can guess where this is going. Megamind arrives in theaters November 5th. For images and more info visit our preview.

Josh Tyler