If there's anyone who can save us from what feels like an uninspiring summer movie season, it's Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. The unlikely comic duo is teaming up for The Heat, the next film from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig that changes genres entirely, casting the two as FBI agents who aren't exactly good at working with partners. In the clip above, which premiered at MTV, Bullock and McCarthy are trying to give the hard press to Spoken Reasons (yes, that's his name!), who says over and over again that "I'm out," but I'm guessing sticks around for at least part of the movie's action anyway.

The Heat isn't garnering the kind of attention that giant summer blockbusters usually do, but it's been taking a much more subtle approach toward getting us excited, namely by releasing trailers that are really funny (the scene in this clip was at the center of that last trailer, though it works even better in context). The two previous Oscar nominees even showed up on the air during this year's ceremony, sharing the secrets behind what both Oscar nominees and federal agents wear underneath all their clothes: Spanx.

At one point we were supposed to be seeing The Heat this month, but it's since been pushed to an even more prime release date of June 28. It might be pure coincidence, since The Heat comes from a different studio, but it's appropriate that the comedy is being released in the exact same spot as Magic Mike last summer. Two surprise hits in the waiting? Given Melissa McCarthy's current winning streak, it'd be foolish to bet against her.

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